The Ultimate Workout for Fun for Home

Get moving!

   Get excited!

         Get results!

Join in with us for the ultimate workout for fun at home with  Calvin Harris song featuring Ne-Yo! If you aren’t motivated to move, this short, energetic workout will get you going to your results! You will love this Fitzone workout choregrpahed by Erika. Let’s Go is on fi-ya! Give it a try!

Continue to do what nourishes and empowers you!  Do what supports your autonomy and competence! And move what gives you sense of belonging and connectedness! This builds your feeling of joy in the journey. And while doing all of this, remember to surround yourself with others with whom you can think, collaborate, and grow with.  Those who will encourage you to be challenged, stretched, and continue! Look for those you can learn with and from.

Your voice and dreams for the world can be shared, nurtured, and given life when you continue to do what nourishes and empowers


Original choreo used for fitness classes. I do NOT own the rights to this song.


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