Zoom in on Heels & Health

Changing women’s health is a conversation that should happen with women. Heels & health is walking the talk on women’s health and advocacy. Let’s join hands and make the difference for ourselves, our daughters, our spouses, our mothers, our aunts, our cousins, our sisters, and our friends.  When we support women’s health we celebrate a community of well-being!

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The Ultimate Workout for Fun for Home

Get moving!

   Get excited!

         Get results!

Join in with us for the ultimate workout for fun at home with  Calvin Harris song featuring Ne-Yo! If you aren’t motivated to move, this short, energetic workout will get you going to your results! You will love this Fitzone workout choregrpahed by Erika. Let’s Go is on fi-ya! Give it a
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9 Hot Weather Workout Tips

Hot Weather Workout Tips

Hot Weather Workouts Need Lots of Water

Hot weather is great during a day at the pool, but it can become a stifling challenge when you’re exercising outside. Whether you live in a year-round tropical climate or one with four distinct seasons, you’ll eventually face the prospect of working out in the heat. Our bodies are designed to cool themselves, … Read the rest