Diet & Fitness Tips You Need to Know: (VIDEO)

Beginning a healthy lifestyle has enough challenges of its own without trying to figure out what you need to succeed.  Erika is here to help with your everyday questions! Simple, fun, and believable answers to viewers questions on creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Join Erika on 13abc’s Ask The Expert Segment every week for answers to questions like these: Why is it harder to build muscle as you age? Can you eat an egg a day and still healthy? How much water do you really need to drink a day? Don’t just live longer, live better! And, that begins with healthy options.  Have a question? Send you questions to or by visiting  whether you are local or from anywhere in the world!

EXPLORE MORE:  Though we only have a few minutes to answer questions, but there is so much more information and help available to keep you connected to your goals.  Health and diet results are unique to each person.  There is no one size fits all in health and wellness.  That is why there are many types of individualized plans for you to explore.  Below are a few links to use as tools in guiding your journey through healthy living.  Remember these are tools to help in goal setting.  You may vary daily on if you meet or exceed your goal, but  you should always be acitvley striving to achieve your dialy and weekly goals.

The Protein Calculator will help in giving you a range of what your daily protein needs are based on your age, acitivity, level, gender, etc.

Protein Calculator

The Hydrattion Calculator will belp in giving you a range with how much water your body needs a day based on height, weight, activity level, etc.

Hydration Calculator

Have any more questions?  Great!  We would love to connect with you.  Send you questions to or by visiting  

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