Fitzone Wellness - Erika D. White

Erika D. White – Fitzone Wellness CEO

Erika White (Fitzone Wellness) is fitness enthusiast, motivator, freelance writer, and public speaker that developed her passion for fitness while working to develop a healthier lifestyle for both she and her family. Her fitness journey, as a wife and mother, began with her struggling with obesity at 240 pounds and wearing a size 22. That journey led her through all the stereotypes, myths, and struggles that many who are overweight continue to battle their entire life. Her personal understanding is from the journey.

Along her path of maintaining a 70 plus pound weight loss, Erika decided to become a certified instructor to begin to help other from ground zero. She created the Fitzone brand, which is a class designed from her own weight loss experiences, and has also expanded to include ZoneUp, a modified boot camp, and Pedal & Pump, a cycling/weight training class.

Currently, Erika White has a recurring guest spot as “the fitness guru” on the locally popular show Rebecca Regnier’s Full Plate and is the featured weekly health & fitness expert on ABC WTVG-13’s noon news segment, “Ask the Expert”. She works as a freelance writer for Minority Health Publication and Boomer & Beyond, along with writing content for Zuri Hall’s “Alphababe” brand as well as her own website, ErikaWhite.net. Erika has also established herself and her brand in the arena of public speaking and presenting.

Speaking Engagements With Erika D. White

Erika White speaks, coaches, and presents to companies, groups and at conferences around the country in building success in maintaining healthy motivation. Her mantra is “Educate. Motivate. Demonstrate”. Drawing from her more than 15 years of experience, including serving as the Vice President Chair of Health Lucas County and as the NBC 13abc health & wellness expert, Erika shares how to cultivate healthy motivation by developing a plan of action for success. She also has served as the emcee and the keynote speaker with her natural ability to connect with her audience naturally. From television to in-person, Erika draws participants in with her authentic and transparent style.

Motivate, Educate, & Demonstrate

In order to attain remarkable life-changing results in health and wellness, Erika combines all three presentation components in building participants individual success. Erika teaches SMART goal setting for keeping motivation high and encouraging participants in believing they can achieve their goals. This award-winning presentation is a more intense self-actualization approach. Erika helps her audience connect their motivation to success by setting realistic goals in a enjoyable, uplifting environment.

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