About Erika D. White, Founder & CEO

Fitness Motivator & Trainer <> Certified Health & Wellness Coach <> Certified Group Exercise Instructor <> Freelance Writer & Blogger <>TV Personality
Life is an amazing journey! I celebrate each day as if it is my last. I live for the present and plan for the future so that my at my journeys end I will not regret anything! I live to learn from all my mistakes and celebrate my successes.

I love God, I love my family, I love my friends, I love my life! It does not take much to make me happy or content. I like to work and play equally hard. I believe you can do both and be successful  I refuse to live life within boundaries and think some rules are meant to bent but not broken. Society spends way too much time placing people within meaningless categories…I think you should live life loud and live life for you! Inspire & help others, love hard, and keep God in perspective ..the secret to a happy life!

I have experience in designing fitness workouts/plans; editorial and professional writing for several publications; a background in both television and radio through appearances and executive program writing; able to write, develop and deliver original content for motivational speaking; detailed background in community projects and working as a liaison; but, my first love that has lead to all this great experience is being a fitness motivator and instructor with almost a decade of expertise! My goal this year is to compete as a NPC All Natural Bodybuilder in the Fitness division.

I am not a person who plants their self without the possibility of growth. I am a self-starter and self-motivator, though I do appreciate accolades, it is not my motivation for continuously looking to learn and do more. I would never limit myself to someone telling me no if they have do not have the power to tell me yes.

I love being around people, involved in community growth & development, fitness & well-being, and all things positive. I am a lifetime learner & avid reader. My knowledge base is broad enough to be successful in adapting to various environments & challenges.

My objective is to make my own niche in the fitness industry locally and build upon that to expand to, well, I envision that expansion is limitless and without bounds!

The fitness classes I have designed are carved from my own 80 weight loss where I had to learn what works (hard work) and what doesn’t (gimmicks). It is designed for all fitness levels and helps to encourage individuals to know that they can succeed! I focus on modifications so everyone is able to participate. As an instructor and locally known fitness motivator/coach, I do not sell/distribute pills or powders to help with weight loss…I only teach & share what I did & do, all natural for long lasting results. I walk the walk with the people I help or inspire…I truly want to help others believe they can!