Tuna Taboule Wrap

Tired of your mayonnaise-laden tuna? Want to add extra nutrition to your tuna while adding flavor that cannot be matched with your ordinary tuna salad? This recipe is the answer! It is so versatile that you enables you to switch your protein from tuna to chicken or salmon. The garlic sauce not only adds a zing of flavor, but makes an excellent substitute for mayo or miracle whip.



Whole Wheat Lavash Bread

Oasis Taboule Salad (14oz.)

Just Getting Started

Just Getting Started

1-Can Tuna, Drained ( 6 or 12 oz.)

Oasis Garlic Sauce


Combine the Tuna and the Taboule together in aT small bowl. Approximately 3-4 tablespoons for a 6 ounce can & half the container for a 12 ounce can

Spread 1 tablespoon of the Garlic Sauce along the center of the Lavash bread.

Add the Tuna Taboule mixture to the Lavash bread, making sure to spread almost to the end of the bread

Tightly roll the wrap and enjoy!

Erika’s Extra’s

Add sugar free pickle relish or a pickle spear to the wrap

Mix in  diced onion to the Tuna Taboule mixture

Add egg slices or chopped egg to the wrap for an extra protein punch

Use with leftover chicken, turkey, or smoked salmon

Be sure to spread the garlic sauce from end to end, doing the same with the Tuna Taboule so there is substance with every bite and just bread