Stressed Much? Get Outside the Box With These 4 EASY Moves To Neutralize Stress

4 EASY Moves To Neutralize Stress

2016-07-16 2016-07-25 001 063Can we agree on the following thought for today? That one of the most empowering definitions of who we are is the ability to create our own aesthetic that can truly minimize stress and stressful people. How many of you, like me, have decided to say, “Bye, Felicia!” to anything associated with being extra? Honestly, unless it’s extra pepperoni, extra cute puppies, or an extra hot smile from Chris Pine, I think it safe to say that we can all take a pass on the “extra”! 

Learning to minimize stress is a trait that will not only add some Zen to your life, but also a centered sense of well-being.  However, without understanding how to release stress, it is impossible to remain in control of negative reactions to others. So what’s a person to do? No worries! I’ve got four finesse fit moves to help you release, recharge, relax, and renew!

(It’s soooo NECESSARY!)

carlton-danceI would definitely throw some respek on it if the “Carlton dance” was a workout! I could truly see myself doing those quick, little energetic moves while hoppin’ and poppin’ around! My first pick combines workout moves that will give you all the “Carlton” you can handle while releasing and minimizing stress. The best part? No Tom Petty songs! Shadowboxing is a fun workout in which you can dance around and experience absolutely no stress. There is a calmness that engulfs you with no distractions, no target, and no gloves. Your mind is free in a serenity that comes from focusing on nothing but the moves. Remember you aren’t fighting; you are training and competing against your biggest opponent…YOU!



(BETTER than a Powermat!)

battle-ropeWhen talking about recharging to minimize and release stress, my favorite monster is the battle ropes. Don’t get me wrong, jump roping is still king, but the battle ropes are the bad a$$ of the family when it comes to a fitness recharge. From the 10 calories burned per minute to the full body workout to the high intensity training, you will leave the gym wanting to ask anyone you come in contact with, “who’s your daddy?So slam em! Whip em! Wave em! Wham em! Tear apart Newton’s Law and create a body that stays in motion no matter what stress it encounters!



(You’ve Got Two!)

Forget Jay & Bey! If there is OTP I adore, it is this stress relieving duo! Often referred to as the “executive’s workout”, my next stress minimizer is also a practice of the Finnish. Move over window to the wall, the new ish is from the sauna to pool! To completely relax while whisking away all the stress of the day, spend about 8-10 minutes in the sauna followed with a light swim. The sauna provides a tranquil place to relax your muscles and your mind, and is followed up with the invigorating effect of the cooler temperature from the pool. It is like being rocked to sleep and then waking up in the middle of the zero gravity fall on the Millennium Force! Though the stark contrast sounds jarring, it actually is very relaxing and enables a complete release of tension, muscle relaxation, and stress that can only be achieved through this gym move.




(The FORCE is in You!)

woosah-2One of my signature moves, the “woo-sah”, is all about renewing your body through a simple stretch and focused breathing. The amazing thing about the “woo-sah” is it can be done at the beginning or end of your workout. It is done by breathing in fully, filling your lungs completely followed by releasing back into the atmosphere through the mouth with a slow, powerful exhale. Repeat at least four times allowing your body to let loose of negative energy through your exhale and renewing by pulling in positive energy from your inhale. While breathing, clear your mind and begin to focus positive thoughts. Help your mind and body release stress and find balance in the calm you are creating. The added bonus is demonstrating the “woo-sah” in front of annoying co-workers, barking dogs, and crying babies also seems to have an effect on them as well!


Erika D. White  is a fitness professional & all around fitness momma who believes in building strong, healthy, ageless women while encouraging them, just as her own daughter, not be defined by gender in achieving their goals! #RunsWithLifeNoBoxNeeded

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