REGEAR Your New Year: 4 Easy Solution to Your Weight Loss Plateau

When the letters “R”&“E” are combined, they become the two most power letters in the alphabet. Once molded together, they form the prefix “re” which changes the meaning of any root word it attaches to. As a prefix, “re” acts a breath of fresh air to anything that is plaguing our mindset or motivation. It gives us the courage to try again; the confidence to go back and do better, and the consistency to never give up! I want to see you renew your goals this year into a mindset that will move you beyond your doubts or even accepting where you have been. Begin this year with a renewed sense of power with all things “re”. Rethink and renew your results in a way that will outlast the calendar this year with my four simple tips. (actual publication in at the bottom of the page)

REDIRECT YOUR FOCUS The longer you spend focused on the scale, your diet, your consistency, or even your thighs, the more those thought will begin to dominate your feelings of confidence and motivation. Redirect your doubts into something productive. Get up and get moving! Move your focus to the gym, the park, or even walking at your favorite mall; use this time as your personal getaway and to focus on releasing positive energy.

REDISCOVER YOUR MOTIVATION Everyone wants it, but few of us actually follow through with keeping it.Somewhere between getting started and achieving the goal, we can find ourselves in a valley of doubt and lose sight of why we even started. This is where you have to stop and think back how you felt after that first walk around the block; or when you finally walked the stairs at work without losing your breath; or how good it felt when you weighed yourself after that first week! Now, write it down! Jot down all those feelings you experienced in getting started! What was the reason you started your goal of changing your lifestyle? Why is it still important to you? The only difference between those who reach their goals and those who don’t is staying motivated. Post your affirmations in a place you can see them daily and reaffirm your goal!

RECONNECT WITH A BUDDY Working out can be tedious, so switch up your routine and add a workout partner to help push past your plateau. Variety is the spice of life and rediscovering your motivation also means that you have changed in the process; therefore you may also need to change the way you go after your goal by adding a few key motivators that can help you get it back on track! Look at your goal as a journey and a chance for exploration! Schedule your workouts with a partner, and keep in mind that life happens; that means showing up even if one of you cannot make it and holding each other accountable! A workout partner acknowledges your efforts and can also make the fitness journey far more exciting and be fulfilled by taking the journey with you! (HINT: It is also a good idea to have more than one workout buddy!)

REFOCUS ON YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS The easiest way to get rid of frustration and gain motivation is to find something worth training for! Do you ever notice that those who actually achieve their goals are the one’s barely talking? That is because they are taking action! Action “talks” and B.S…well, you know the rest! What better way to prove your action, without words, than to take pictures of yourself during your journey! Take front pics, back pics, side pics, close ups, selfies, usies…do it all! Every month take those poses in the same clothes and see your progress! When you hit the point of frustration, refocus on what you have accomplished instead of stalling progress with thoughts of doubt! You see yourself daily and it is hard to notice all the change your body is making! Reconnect with how you feel and how you are changing over what the scale says…and it is true, a picture can speak a thousand words!

This year you will achieve all your goals when you begin with a renewed mindset. Physical activity and healthy eating won’t change you unless it is combined with the positivity that can only come from within you! So, start over, try again, fall and get up with the power of “re”. This year is a rediscovery that will lead to an overall healthier you…and you can’t get that at the gym!

Erika D. White is a certified fitness professional who believes in building strong, healthy, ageless men & women.

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