Greek Pita Pizza Featured on Full Plate

Greek Pita Pizza 

Pizza is as American as Apple Pie, so why not add a little Mediterranean twist with some Greek sizzle? Separately each of these ingredients are delicious, but put them together and now you have flavor power! This pizza is not only inexpensive to make,  but easy to make. This is easily a family favorite that is healthy as it is a fun activity for a weekend afternoon! Add your own personal flavor and minimal calories by adding reduced fat feta cheese and 1-2 ounces of chicken.   All products are 100% natural with no additives and available at Oasis Mediterranean Cuisine  Click Here to Find Oasis Products in Your Area Breaking News, Weather and Sports


Oasis Whole Wheat Greek Style Bread

Oasis Roasted Red Pepper Hummus (zero fat)

Oasis Bruschetta (all natural)

Oasis Garlic Sauce

Oasis Marinated Olives


Preheat oven to 425 degrees

Spread one and a half  tablespoons of roasted red pepper hummus onto the flatbread bread covering as much of the bread as possible

Add to the flatbread one tablespoon of the garlic sauce, spread evenly

Top with one to two tablespoons of the bruschetta; making sure to drain juice from bruschetta before adding to flatbread pizza.

Add one tablespoon of olives, making sure to to place evenly over the bruschetta.

**You may also top with one tablespoon of feta or add 1-2 ounces of protein

 Bake on 425 for about 15-20 minutes

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