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Can you help me understand the difference Vitamin D and Vitamin D3?

So am I allowed to pass like on the “fast money” round of family feud? (laughs) This question is a little challenging when it comes to explaining, which mean I totally understand your confusion. So here we go! Vitamin D comes from plant or fungus and is also added to some of our foods like milk, orange juice, and even cereal. Vitamin happens when your body synthesizes UVA & UVB from your exposed skin. You can also get you Vitamin D3 from fatty fish like salmon…BUT, you would need to eat a massive amount to fulfil your body’s needs. For anyone saying, “No problem! I loooooove to eat!” Then try about 50 pounds of fish a day! (slight exaggeration intended) So, for the cash money round, Vitamin D comes from plants can be added to foods while D3 comes from the sun and can be found as a supplement.

I am wondering what workouts for your body-type workouts are.

sponsor07bThis type of workout focuses on where your body stores fat. The body type workout focuses on the common four body shapes: the pear, apple, rules, and hourglass. For example if you are a pear, like me, you tend to carry the majority of your “weight” in the lower body so the workout type would be “balanced” with endurance cardio while also focusing on toning the arms and shoulders. In contrast, the apple shape, like my sister, tends to carry their excess “weight” in their midsection so the workout would be “mixed” with cardio intervals while also focusing on waist defining toning. Though we cannot change the genetics we were given, we can train what your momma gave ya! 

I bought a cardio glide machine at a garage sale, what does it do?


There are two key elements that may be stopping you from looking as good as you feel! You can workout all you want, but it is nutrition that is the key to definition! You are getting stronger; you may not being seeing the definition you are looking for because of your diet.  Focus on cutting back on the eating out and processed foods.  You will also want to keep an eye on your sodium intake, keeping it right around 1500-2300 milligrams a day. Kick up that cardio to at least 3 days a week; try spinning or boxing where you can enjoy the time and burn off body fat and show off that lean muscle hiding underneath. Hope to see you on the track!


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